The credit card designed to support your business, The perfect solution for young businesses, Grow with Evea...

Helping early-stage businesses maintain their cashflow.

...changing the narrative

Our Features

We give you rest of mind while you grow your business

The credit card that encourages you to pay zero interest

Using Evea is absolutely free, with

  • No interest charges
  • No annual fees
  • No late payment fees
  • No foreign transaction fees, and
  • No additional card or card replacement fees.

Set with an unlimited budget

As the card gives a revolving credit, you get 10x higher credit limits than any traditional loans. So, spend with your Evea card, and earn rewards and much more.

Insight into company spend

All spendings are categorized by color

With the expense tracking feature, you can view your company’s entire spending patterns {in color-coded categories}. Every purchase gets categorized and assigned a color making it easier to spot spending pattern

Real-time expense reporting with receipt matching

Eliminate the stress of expense reporting and let Evea automate the process and give you a complete picture of your overall spending. Upload your receipts to the Dashboard and Evea will automatically match the receipt to the right transaction.

Allocate spend, keep control

Empower your team to request, manage and track their own spend; approvals are instant, issuing unlimited virtual and physical cards for invited team members. Though you have absolute control on all cards issued.

An interesting degree of security measures and secrecy

Our card is designed to be used by you alone, with all its built-in securities – unique sign-in code, and a dynamic transaction code needed to authorize a transaction.

The Card Built for Entrepreneurs

Changing the narrative of the past.

It’s Free

No annual fees, no interest (0% APR), no personal guarantee

Expeditious Finance

Signup and get approved with a virtual card in minutes

Dynamic Credit Limit

Credit limits that rises along with your business’s cash flow

Revolving Credit

Get high limit with 0% Interest

Instant Card

Virtual cards are active upon approval

Accounting Integrations

Integrate expenses with top accounting tools.

Valuable Rewards Program

Earn cashbacks and discounts on every purchase with your Evea card

Payment cycle

30-days grace period {for every 30-days billing cycle}

Privacy & Security

Built with advanced modern security technologies to give you peace of mind.

Card control & Team collaboration

With the spend control and real-time expense report,you can comfortably add team members (new cardholders) and manage their access.

Additonal Benefits

Save time in bookkeeping with built-in expense tools & Integrations

Automatically sync your transactions across top accounting tools (such as QuickBooks, etc.) in real-time, keeping your books tidy with smart categorization of expenses, automated receipt matching, transaction reconciliation and automatic GL mapping, thereby saving you hours of accounting workloads.

Credit Building

As you build your credit score, Evea will keep you updated monthly via the App by providing a detailed credit report. As you grow your credit score, higher credit limits become available.

With Evea, you can easily focus more on growth

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